Shrinkage Stoppers wants you to be a protector

Shrinkage Stoppers, a unique way to partner with,
and engage employees, students, customers, businesses, police, children, government and communities in crime prevention.
Welcome to Shrinkage Stoppers International, the world’s leading neutral third party internet anonymous tip provider.  Shrinkage Stoppers is by far the easiest and least expensive means for businesses, organizations, Private Individuals and communities to provide employees, citizens, customers, vendors, and students an opportunity to combat crime, fraud, waste, theft, missing persons, most wanted and policy violations.  Various forms of malfeasances, policy violations and crimes are detected 40 percent of the time by tips, which makes tips the leading method of detecting malfeasances, policy violations and crimes. The companies, businesses, organizations, Private Individuals and communities are finding that these sensitive issues are most credibly handled through an independent reporting mechanism. Shrinkage Stoppers International does not allow you to use your name or the names of any other persons when using its services. (The only exception to this is a missing person's name or a person's name in the most wanted file on this site may be submitted in reference to a  most wanted or missing person's location.)  Both members and tipsters must agree to this before submitting any communication to Shrinkage Stoppers International. Shrinkage Stoppers International is an independent organization that provides tipsters with anonymity that allows a person to give information in a non-threatening and positive atmosphere without providing their identity. A cash reward is paid to encourage other wise reluctant persons to provide information that will result in an arrest. We specialize in being a third party provider of anonymous tips to various companies, organizations and communities by helping them to reduce theft, crime, fraud, policy violations.  We act as the primary provider for tipsters to submit tips and claim a reward for any tips that results in an arrest. The benefit of using Shrinkage Stoppers International as a third party reporting system, is that the companies or organizations will receive an increased benefit when tips they receive results in a reduction of theft, crime, fraud, policy violations. Shrinkage Stoppers provide tipster services to small, medium, large companies, law enforcement agencies, government, schools, Private Individuals and many other organizations. The benefit of tipsters, using Shrinkage Stoppers International are;
1. A reward is paid when their six letters and number code results in an arrest.
2. They do not have to testify in any case or court, because no names are permitted in the system.
3. Their identity is not known to Shrinkage Stoppers, or any other company or organization.
4. Their reward is paid in an anonymous manner and kept secret.
We offer turnkey third party anonymous tipster services for the United States and Internationally:
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"There is no merit in prevention," by having wisdom after the fact."
By Shrinkage Stoppers International