Member Q & A

Members Q & A

The two things that are known to have an effect on the reduction of crime are Cameras and Lights.
Today you have an opportunity to give your tipster community a way to help you reduce theft, fraud, crime and policy violations in your company or organization by using their minds, ears and eyes.  Providing you with knowledge or advance knowledge of situations that is ocurring or may occur in your Community, organization, school, business or company.

No matter what type or size of your business , industry, school or organization is at risk for a variety of legal, operational and financial issues that can negatively impact your work environment, and ultimately, your bottom line.  With the help of a third party anonymous tip reporting system, you can monitor one or more of these issues in all critical areas of your operations

Let Shrinkage Stoppers help you to reduce the hidden risks and cost of unethical behavior and protect your company or organization and its employees.

By using Shrinkage Stoppers anonymous tip services you can be sure to enhance your business or organization in the following areas.

1. Business or Organization Integrity  2.  Protection  3.  Efficiency  4.  Information  5.  Experience

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1. How do I join shrinkage stoppers?
A. By clicking on register at the bottom left of the home page. (Note) if you have problems completing the form complete as best as possible and submit the form.  We will then assist you in completing the member application correctly.  You may contact us using the information at the bottom of this page.
2. How do I create a user ID and password?
A. When you complete the memberís application you will be allowed to create a password. The e-mail that you used for your memberís application will be your user ID.  Be careful not to use your tip-email address for your e-mail address. Your tip e-mail address should be different from your user ID e-mail address.  The parent company name and the business name can be the same. The tips will be forwarded to the parent company name or agency headquarters office, and then forwarded to other subsidiaries, agencies, or departments. You may assign tip management to any person or persons in your organization.
3. How do I make payment for membership?
A. After you complete your application and select a memberís category, and the number of units, click the submit button.  You will be given the option to make payment for the number of units you have selected. You must click on this button to activate your account. Your account will be activiated at this time.  This will let us know that you have agreed upon the number of units that  will be invoiced to you after your three free months.  Please note you do not have to make payment at this time.  You will be invoiced after your three free months for the next year.  If you have any questions you should contact us.
4. What happens if I do not make payment at the time of joining?
A. you do not have to make payment at the time of joining.  You will be able to receive tips for three months free.  If you make payment within 30 days after your three free months your account will continue to receive tips. Your account will be invoiced every year after that until you cancel your membership. If your account is deleted you will have to make payment at the time of re-joining. The reason you are given three free months is we know it will take about three months for you to make and print yours signs for placement on streets, entrances and bulletin boards.  It will also take the same amount of time to educate your tipster community on the use and benefit of using this system.  We look at this system as being a partnership between shrinkage stoppers, your business or organization and the tipsters.
5 .Will other members be able to view my profile and tips pertaining to my profile?
A. No

6. How do I contact Shrinkage Stoppers if I have a question?
A. By using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

7. Who pay the reward to the tipster?
A. Shrinkage Stoppers pays the reward to the tipster when the member submits the close tip form.
The reward money comes from a portion of the membership dues. Shrinkage Stopper is not a non-profit organization, we are a third party anonymous tip providers.  The payment of all rewards is the responsibility of Shrinkage Stoppers International.  The decision about the amount of any reward to a tipster: is more of an arbitrary one rather than a standardize one and is final.

8. How do we deal with an anti-snitching culture or the fear of repercussions against a tipster?
A. Tipsters will not be afraid to report information because no names are permitted in the system or reported to you. Shrinkage Stoppers do not receive tips from tipsters: the tips are submitted directly to the members that the tip pertains to. The members see the anonymous six numbers and letter Id and the information pertaining to the tip on the form submitted to them.  We only receive the close tip form with the anonymous tip Id that are submitted to us by the members in order to pay any reward that are due to the tipster as a result of an arrest.

9. How do I close a tip that results in an arrest? 
A. By clicking on search on the member's side of the site, you will see all the tips in your profile.  Locate the tip that you want to close, and click on close tip in the upper right hand corner of the page.  You will then be presented with a close tip form to complete and submit back to Shrinkage Stoppers.

10. Will I be able to manage my profile?
A. when you join you will be able to perform that task on the member's side of the site.  Only members who join may contact Shrinkage Stoppers, request posters, view the poster file, check the status of their account, and submit payment.
11. How are the funds generated to pay the rewards for claims resulting in an arrest?
 A. The funds come from a portion of the membership fees paid by the members when they join Shrinkage Stoppers.  
12. What if I have more than one company, retail unit, organization or subsidiary, will they be included?
 A. Yes
On the member's register application the member establishes the tip e-mail address of the parent company.  You will also select the additional number of organizations, retail units or subsidiaries and your dues will be calculated accordingly. On the tipster's submit tip form, the tipster selects the parent company name and the company, retail unit or organization where the incident is occurring. The name can be the same or different than the parent company name.  The tip will always be submitted to the parent company or organization. The parent company or organization receives the tip and decides the distribution of the tip information.  It does not matter if you have one or one thousand companies, retail units, subsidiaries, or organizations.  The tip will always be forwarded to the parent company or organizations.  

13.  How will potential tipsters in my company, retail units, subsidiaries, organizations or communities know how and where to submit tips?
 A.  When you join, you will be given posters and sign templates, or you may design your own, with instructions for tipsters to submit the tips to  You may view samples of our templates at the bottom of our "about us" page, to see how your company's name would look on them.   The cost of production for the signs and posters is the responsibility of the members. You will also receive a brochure template to educate the tipsters on how to submit their tips.  Shrinkage Stoppers is unique in this way because you tailor your tip program the way you want it to work.  You can post your signs or posters on gate entrances, streets, roads or bulletin boards to let tipsters know where to submit their tips.

14.  How does the Most Wanted File work?
  A.  Only Law Enforcement Agencies, Spouses, Parents or Relatives may submit information to the Most Wanted or Missing Person poster file.

15.   We are looking for a cost effective, easy to implement anonymous tip system. Does Shrinkage Stoppers fit the bill?
   A.   Absolutely, allow us to be your third party anonymous tip provider.  We are confident that you will agree that our tip system is extremely easy to implement, user friendly, safe and cost effective.

16.  How long does it take to implement the tip system?

 A.    Our system is a turnkey system, once you register you can implement your tip system by printing out the tipster's information sheet from the poster file on the member's side of the site to hand out to tipsters and citizens and place them on bulletin boards. You may also hold meeting to educate them.  You will then be able to immediately educate your people on how, where, and when to submit tips.

17.  Do we need to install special software or programming on our computers to use Shrinkage Stoppers?

A.    No, all you need is an internet connection, Tip e-mail address (The address you enter on your application when you join Shrinkage Stoppers), and a designated person to receive, manage, and distribute your tips to the proper channels to be investigated.  If an arrest is made as a result of a tip, that person would communicate back to Shrinkage Stoppers via the close tip form located on the member's side of the Shrinkage Stoppers website. Shrinkage Stoppers would then give the tipster a reward for providing your company, organization or person the tip.  

18.   Do you provide introduction and educational material to help us rollout the anonymous tip service to our employees or citizens? 
A.     Yes, you may print the tipster's information sheet from the site after you join.  You will be responsible for metal signs for streets and gates, bulletin boards and driveway entrances.  You will find examples of how your signs may look with your company or organization name at the bottom of our about us page on our website  You may design your own signs with on them.  The cost of the signs and production is the responsibility of the member.  The three months free membership is given to you to educate your tipsters with signs, posters and meetings. This is very important because shrinkage stoppers are a partnership between shrinkage stoppers, the members and the tipsters.

19.    Does Shrinkage Stoppers provide tips international?
A.      Yes, our system can be in many different languages.
20.  To have information about a missing or mosts wanted person posted in our mosts wanted and missing person files, you must forward the following information to us.  1. A police report of the missing or wanted person.  2. up to five photos of the missing or wanted person.  3. A complete description of the person.  4. This information may be forward to us at  5. you may view our most wanted file to assist you with the information that we need.

In House Anonymous Tip Systems:

In house tip systems do not work well because of fear.  The tipster may view providing a tip could jeopardize his or her job, family and friends safety.  The criminal's he or she helps capture may have family and friends who won't react kindly to the criminal's capture.  To claim any reward if any, he or she may have to give their name to the organization or police.  The organization or police do a good job of protecting their identity.  The problem usually occurs with the word of mouth system.  A friend or family member knows, and then tells a friend, he or she tell a store clerk, and so on.  Having Shrinkage Stoppers as a third party anonymous tip provider eliminates many potential problems.  Shrinkage Stoppers require no identification to claim any reward that is due to the tipster.  A lot of in house tip systems do not provide a reward or incentives for tipsters.  Employees and the community may be more likely to report problems if they feel they can do so anonymously to an independent third party.  This website was developed to help provide a cost effective, yet secure means for combating fraud, theft, crime and policy violations in all countries, cities, communities, companies, organizations, and agencies worldwide.

Section 301 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002:

Section 301 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 requires audit committees of public companies to "establish procedures for the confidential, anonymous submission by employees regarding questionable accounting or auditing matters,"

Controlled Solutions:    

Shrinkage Stoppers reduces risk by encouraging and promoting internal and external communication through a safe anonymous channel.  Third party anonymous reporting is an effective tool for public companies, manufacturers, hospitals, retail, distribution/warehouses, schools, environmental/waste firms, oil and gas, government agencies, banks, non-profit, law enforcement, and any other business or organization that wishes to enhance its internal and external  communication and reduce loss. 

1.     Do you feel confident that serious issues can be and will be reported in a timely and accurate manner to the proper levels with an in house tip reporting system?
 A.    Provide your answer_________________________

2.     Do you log and track incidents?
A.     Provide your answer_________________________

3.     Will you know of and be able to address issues and problems before they become a crisis?
A.     Provide your answer_________________________

4.     Will you be aware of threats and intimidations before they escalate to workplace violence?
A.     Provide your answer_________________________
.      .

1. Every company or organization should take proactive steps when it comes to theft, fraud, crime and policy violations.

2.  It is estimated that businesses or organizations that use a third party anonymous reporting system can reduce their loss or shrinkage by one third.

3.  Just having a third party anonymous tip system makes a big difference!

4.  A whopping 40 percent of business failures are due to theft by employees and burglars.

5.   Internal loss is a substantial factor in many public - works operations.

6.    The average cost of an individual school threat vulnerability assessment can cost between $25,000 and $50,000, with colleges and universities costing considerably more.  All schools should have an anonymous threat reporting system in place.
Inventory shrinkage, a combination of employee theft, shoplifting, vendor fraud and administrative error, cost United States retailers over 46 billion annually.

7.   Honest employees and citizens often know theft is occurring but hesitate to inform management, supervisors and police due to lack of being rewarded for their efforts and the threat of having their identity being revealed.

Reducing Exposure to Risk, Through Early Detection with Shrinkage Stoppers:

Today's companies, agencies, and organizations face many risks and threats that if not quickly and properly identified and addressed, could endanger their business, agency or organization, and affect their business, agency or organization value and reputation.  When their employees and citizens are exposed to a legal or ethical dilemma, they may feel that they cannot confide via normal channels without fear of retribution.  They may turn to outsiders for intervention.  By having Shrinkage Stoppers as a third party anonymous tip provider eliminates the fear of outside intervention.  Outside intervention could lead to charges of compliance, negative publicity, lawsuits, government investigations, steep fines and even prosecution.

With Shrinkage Stoppers, perceived problems are reported internally directly to management.  This prevents problems from being reported to outsiders for intervention.  This will also provide a company or organization the first opportunity to identify, address or defuse a potential problem, threat, liability or loss through early detection.

Confidentiality and Security:

Shrinkage Stoppers adheres to the highest level of professional business standards and practices.

Our Confidentiality Policy;

Shrinkage Stoppers Uses "Secure Socket Layers" (SSL), an advanced data encryption technology as well as other professional business standards practices and technologies to secure, protect and preserve the integrity of data generated through our systems.  Shrinkage Stoppers does not compile data for any purpose other than to fulfill a client's contractual service requirements, which includes case management functions, sorting, and archiving of submitted reports and data.  Shrinkage Stoppers does not voluntarily release, divulge, forward or discuss any information, report incidents to any entity or individual other than the purchaser's and Shrinkage Stoppers authorized designated recipient(s).

Warning: This website is not to be used as retaliation against any person or group. This website is very mobile friendly. To add it, While you are logged on to on your smart phone click on the three dots in the top right corner on the home page of your phone. you may either click on add to home screen or Request desktop Site. 

Interested in membership:  Write to us at Shrinkage Stoppers P. O. Box 3533 Tallahassee, Florida 32315 or email us:
Please state your request and include your name, organization name and contact information in your letter or email.