Tipster Q & A

Tipster Q & A

This website should only be used for non-immediate life threatening situations

By letting theft, fraud, crime and policy violations go unreported in your community or work place can ultimately affect you in the following ways:
1.  Personal safety.  2.  Job stability by affecting your company or organization bottom line.  3.  Community,  neighborhood safety and security.

1. How do I submit a tip?
A .By clicking on the submit tip button, then select a type of tip to submit and completing the tip form.  You will be given a six letter code tip ID and will be asked to create a password. You should write your six letter tip ID and password down, and keep it in a safe place. You will need your tip ID and password to search the status of your tip and to claim any reward that is due to you.
2. Will I get a six letter tip ID every time I submit a tip?
A. Yes. Again you should keep your tip IDís in a safe place.  You must create a new password each time you submit a tip.
3. How do I search the status of my tip and how often can I check the status of my tip?
A. By clicking on the search tip button and entering your tip ID and password. You may check the status of your tip as often as you like.
4. What happens if my tip status indicates an arrest made as a result of my tip?
A.  You may then submit the claim reward form by clicking on the claim reward button. Keep in mind it may take up to six weeks to process your reward.
5. Will other members be able to view my tip pertaining to my profile?
A. Only the member or person that you submit your tip to will view your tip.
6. How do I find the company or organization that I want to submit my tip?
A. On the tip submit form in the drop down menu block, titled name of business, agency, missing person's name.   Find the business, agency or missing person's name by scrolling down or by placing the cursor in the block and typing the name, and then scrolling down the menu to find the name.  If the name does not appear then they are not a member at this time and you will not be able to submit your tip.  If they are a member their name will appear in the drop down menu.
7. Who pays the reward?
A. When you submit a tip through Shrinkage Stoppers your tip becomes a written contract that makes you an anonymous subcontractor.  Your tip is a subcontract  between you and Shrinkage Stoppers.  The submission of a tip is strictly voluntary.  All rewards are paid by Shrinkage Stoppers when the member submits a close tip form and it indicates an arrest made.  Then you can submit a claim reward form.  The reward amount will vary and can take up to six weeks to process.  The amount of any reward is generated randomly for each tip that results in an arrest and is more of an arbitrary one, rather than a standardize one and is final.  No more than $550.00 will be paid for any one tip ID code in any calendar year.  All Shrinkage Stoppers need is your tip ID code and any address where you would like to receive your reward.  You remain anonymous to Shrinkage Stoppers and everyone else.  By submitting a tip you are in agreement with items 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 of the tipster's Q & A of this website.  Shrinkage Stoppers is not a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION, we are a third party anonymous tip provider.  Anonymous subcontractors are free to submit tips to other anonymous tip services. You should claim any reward you receive on your tax return.

8.  What is the risk of being called a snitch?
A.  None at all, because your name or address is not in the system, and is not reported to anyone else.  We only use your address to deliver your reward, after which it is destroyed. Tipsters can only contact Shrinkage Stoppers by submitting a tip, checking the status of a tip, or submitting a claim reward form.       .

9. Can I submit multiple tips relating to the same case?
A. Yes, The system will allow you to submit multiple tips, but only one reward per claim leading to an arrest. Up to $550.00 will be paid for any one tip ID code in a calendar year.

10. Am I allowed to contact the participating companies/organizations or peoples directly, once my tip has been submitted to Shrinkage Stoppers?
A. We provide no forum on this website to communicate with participating companies, organizations or peoples.
Tipsters can submit, check, and claim a reward for their tip on the homepage of this website.

11. Can I get into trouble if someone is arrested on a tip I submitted, and it turned out I was wrong about the suspect.
 A.  No, The police or organization is responsible for investigating the tip before any action can be taken.  Everyone should do what's right and report suspected criminal activity.

Submitting a Tip Report:

Be careful not to report information in a manner that may personally identify you or the party or parties you are reporting on by including things like names or physical location. When composing your report be clear and include as much details as possible in the comment section of the report to assist in the investigation of your tip without names of yourself or anyone else.  You may report the physical location of a missing person or a wanted person listed on a wanted poster that you deem to be properly placed.  Do not intentionally include false or misleading information in your report.  Intentional false reporting or misleading information will result in you not receiving a reward for your tip.

Be Careful:

Would-be reward seekers need to be careful.  Don't take matters into your own hands and try to catch a suspect on your own.  Not only could you get hurt, but you could get arrested or the suspect could sue you if he or she gets hurt in the process.  Contact the authorities.  Practically every federal, state, and local agency has some sort of anonymous hotline you can call or text message a tip. You should also check with local crime stoppers or similar programs for more information about reporting tips.  The only different is that we protect your identity during the hold process and when you claim your reward. Your identity is not known to anyone unless you yourself reveal it.

Confidentiality and Security:

Shrinkage Stoppers does not collect, store your name or other personal information in our system.  With Shrinkage Stoppers you do not have fear of your identity being compromised when claiming your reward.

Ethics Policy:

Shrinkage Stoppers and its employees adhere to the highest level of business standards and principles.  Our corporate culture and philosophy is simple, ethical standards and principals are an etiquette that must be adhered to at all times.  We adhere to providing our tipsters with the highest level of professional integrity, reliability and uncompromising service.

Warning: This website is not to be used as retaliation against any person or group.
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